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Unless otherwise agreed or prearranged, these Terms shall apply to all work performed by Alfred Harris Bookbinders ("the Binders") on the order of any person or company ("the Customer").

Binders' discretion: On all matters not specified in the Customer's order, the Binders may select methods, materials, colours, typefaces, etc. which in their opinion are appropriate to the work being done.

Unless when the order is placed the Customer quotes a price, or refers to the Binders' previous estimate, work will be charged on the basis of current rates for time and materials.

The liability of the Binders in any order shall not exceed the refunding of any payment already received in respect of that order.  Books and materials supplied are held at the risk of the Customer, who should insure valuable items while at the Binders.

Cancellation: if the Customer cancels an order after it has been accepted and booked in by the Binders, any work done, materials ordered, or other costs shall be paid for, with a further £10 to cover administration and planning.

Unless credit arrangements have been agreed, payment becomes due when the work is complete and ready for collection.  Payment is due in cash.

Intermediates created, such as artwork, computer files or blocks, remain the property of the Binders and may be disposed of or erased when the order is complete.

The Binders will assume that any material supplied to them has been thoroughly checked and inspected and is entirely ready to process. If the material gives unsatisfactory results, work may be stopped and the Customer's instructions sought. It may be necessary to charge for extra work involved.